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Offsite DBAs was founded with the understanding that in-house Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL database administration is an unrelenting, yet important task. Recruiting, training and retaining in-house DBAs is time consuming and expensive. Given the importance of a company’s databases, most DBAs are constantly tasked with strategic IT functions, diverting attention from databases maintenance. Adding holidays, vacations, sick days and PTO, your mission critical applications and databases may be vulnerable.

Offsite DBAs solves your database administration issues by providing 24x7 proactive support for your mission critical databases. Our team of expert DBAs use our years of experience and sophisticated tools to monitor and resolve issues before they become major problems. We can seamlessly augment your in-house DBAs, or provide a cost effective  managed services to traditional, onsite database administration.

Offsite DBAs offers specialized database consulting services and world-class database performance tools. We only focus on database technology, allowing us to develop efficiencies in our market. Every member of our team is has at least five years of database administration experience. Our consultants have been with us for an average of four years—providing rock solid stability to our clients. We have implemented solutions for companies spanning industries such as: financial services, scientific, legal, retail, restaurants, engineering and manufacturing.

  • Development: Offsite DBAs experts are skilled at developing stored procedures, functions, .Net and Java integration and process automation.  We leverage the latest technology and tools to develop robust database objects.
  • ETL: Offsite DBAs has developed complex ETL processes, drawing data from a variety data sources including spreadsheets, flat files, different database platforms, etc. Our ETL is designed for performance and maintainability.
  • Disaster Recovery (DR): Offsite DBAs staff has implemented disaster recover option from simple solutions to offsite backups to complex, geographically disperse data centers. We can ensure your mission critical databases and applications are always available.
  • High Availibility (HA): Offsite DBAs utilizes native Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL technology, as well as third parties solutions to give our clients 99.99% uptime for mission critical databases. Proactive monitoring and maintenance is ongoing to keep our SLAs.
  • Scalability: Offsite DBAs experience allows us to create a sizable database environment for our clients’ present and future needs. Starting with a well-tuned environment, we can develop an enterprise database platform that will scale with the needs of your business.
  • System Architecture: Offsite DBAs experts leverage numerous years of experience designing and implementing database systems. Our experience with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access and other systems gives us the clarity to provide systems that meet the existing and future and our clients.

Custom Training
Offsite DBAs can provide highly customized training solutions for your existing DBAs or IT staff. Our training goes “beyond the book” to show you how to solve specific problems. One of our senior consultants will assess your situation and need, then develop a customized training curriculum to solve your issue. Contact us today at or call us at 800-959-3488 to discuss how we can train you to support your database environment.

Performance Tuning
Achieving maximum database performance through performance tuning is critical to the success of your business. Offsite DBAs leverages our experience and database performance tuning tools to help eliminate your performance problems.

Offsite DBAs experienced consultants provide results quickly. We generally provide noticeable performance improvements within a few hours to a few days. Our consultants begin by assessing your needs and system issues. We then identify performance issues and recommend changes to improve performance based on industry best practices and our SLA or SOW. Once approved, our recommendations are tested and an implementation plan is developed. After the changes are implemented we monitor performance gains and continue to tune until your scalability and performance goals are satisfied based on the SLA or SOW.

Before engaging in a performance tuning session, we provide SOW or SLA that clearly defines the problem, metrics and the desired output. We provide graphical and narrative reports that document the results of the tuning process. The image above lists samples of the graphs provided with during the tuning effort.

Upgrades/Service Packs
Keeping database systems is critical the security and integrity of your data. Offsite DBAs consultants have the expertise to apply service packs in your environment. The service packs and patches themselves can introduce risk without proper planning and testing. Our consultants understand the risks involved and will develop a plan to apply the update to all impacted servers.

Offsite DBAs consultants can also work with your company to identify benefits and risks of upgrading your existing database systems. We can help you harness new technology while consolidating servers. We will provide a SOW for the project and chart the necessary steps to design, test and implement the upgrade.

Contact us today at or call us at 800-959-3488 to discuss how we can solve your database challenges.

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