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Offsite DBAs has extensive experience in increasing performance and delivering value for our clients. The following resources highlight the benefits Offsite DBAs has provided with our quality, cost-effective database administration services.

White Papers

  • Coming Soon.Offsite DBAs database engineers have been busy on blogs, Twitter and other sites helping the database industry. We will have our white papers posted in the next few weeks.

Case Studies

  • A leading technology company saves over $200,000 using Offsite DBAs' performance tuning services

    Industry:  Technology
    Cost Savings:  $200,000
    A leading technology company solicited Offsite DBAs to review it's existing database environment and make recommendations to scale the system to handle current and anticipated growth. Offsite DBAs performed an extensive audit of the client's database environment and identified incorrect hardware configuration, slow performing queries and poorly-written application code as the root cause. After implementing Offsite DBAs's recommendations, the client experienced a dramatic increase in application performance and response time. The performance increase allowed the client's existing servers to handle the current and future workload, eliminating the need for new hardware. This saved the client more than $200,000 in new hardware and licensing costs.   [Learn More]

  • A large law firm saves $75,000 in labor costs by using Offsite DBAs' Offsite Ultimate managed service offering

    Industry:  Legal
    Cost Savings:  $75,000
    Faced with an expanding datacenter and user base, a major law firm utilized Offsite DBAs senior database engineers for a managed service solution. Recent expansion overstretched the firm’s staff. After weighing the cost of hiring an additional database administrator versus a managed service, the firm choose Offsite DBAs to handle their database administration needs. Offsite DBAs’ Offsite Ultimate managed service package provides the same level of support as a traditional, onsite database administrator, but at substantial savings. The firm now saves more than $75,000 per year using Offsite DBAs’ Offsite Ultimate managed service package.  

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